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BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast

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Smoky Beast is larger in capacity than the largest models of Kamado Ceramic Smokers (designated as XL, Big Joe / Pro Joe). The total area of two grates is 5865 cm².

The BBQ-Smoker does not need to be stored inside or covered for winter as Cor-Ten and stainless steel can withstand any weather. Steel is also able to withstand temperature fluctuations – no need to fear for the smoker to break or crack.
Wishing to move your smoker from one place to another, borrow it to a friend or neighbour, it is very simple: the BBQ-smoker can even be transported in the cargo bed of a truck. The Smoker is not a delicate product that should be handled with extreme caution.
Many of our customers have a ceramic Kamado Grill or Pellet Grill, but also the Smoky Beast BBQ Smoker-Grill. They use the Beast when they want to prepare classic BBQ food with a natural smoky taste; or to prepare smoked ham and smoked fish. Firewood gives more smoky taste, grill briquette less but you can combine both.

BBQ-Smoker technical specifications:

Price includes: coal bath, module for grill briquette, three shelves. 

  • BBQ-Smoker is made of 3 mm Cor-Ten steel, it weighs 90 kg.
  • The cooking space and the fireplace are separable, stacks are separable.
  • BBQ-Smoker is not coloured.
  • Unbreakable hinges (made of 5 mm stainless steel).
  • Cooking space 70 x 50 cm.
  • Two grates on different planes with following dimensions: 69×49 cm and 69×36 cm. Material is stainless steel.
  • Capacity: two trays with ca 20 kg of culinary ribs can be fitted on the two grates simultaneously.
  • Stacks on each side ensure the even distribution of heat.
  • Water is added to the water bath through a special pipe and the smoker does not need to be opened for that.
  • Grease drains out of the smoker along a drain and drips into a special drip bucket.
  • Both stacks have dampers at the top of them to regulate the temperature inside the smoker.
  • The BBQ-smoker has an external thermometer (on a scale of 0-300 C).
  • Depth of the fireplace is 48 cm, the bottom of it is a grate of cast iron.
  • The front of the fireplace has a 20×20 cm cooktop for heating mop-sauces.
  • The door can be locked in two positions – this offers a good way for regulating temperature.
  • Door of the fireplace has a double wall and it is thus more heat-resistant.


About the material of the BBQ-Smoker: Cor-Ten steel is almost pure carbon steel, but it has been processed to provide a weatherproof coating on its surface to withstand any weather. TThe surface of Cor-ten steel is originally greyish, due the weather conditions it turns reddish-brown (resembles the colour of rusting), which becomes darker within time. When used properly, the Cor-Ten steel is vivid, long-lasting and maintenance-free withstanding passage of time in a unique way.

Weight (kg) 90
Height (m) 1.38
Width (m) 1.01
Material steel
Certificate CE
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