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Environmental Electronic Level Switch E.E.L.S. 12V, 20A

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The Lalizas Environmental electronic level switch is the latest in innovation, as it operates with an electronic sensor,
instead of the air pressure or any moving parts. It has been designed to sense the water level with great precision
and accuracy, thus offering you the best possible result. One of the most important advantages of the Lalizas E.E.L.S
is that it is environmentally friendly. Lalizas designed this switch to operate only when it senses water. If there are
quantities of hydrocarbons, such as oil, it switches the bilge pump off, thus preventing any pollution. Mounted vertically
to the hull, the Lalizas E.E.L.S is connected inline with bilge pump(s) even of higher potency. Also its compact
design allows a far greater freedom of movement. On the other hand, in inboard vessels the minimum space it
occupies, leaves more loading space and the hatch space intact. Other features of note are the insulated electrical
contacts, casing from durable Nylon and ABS plastic, 100% impermeability to water.

Technical characteristics:
The Lalizas Electronic Level Switch can be used with any bilge pump up to 20A. The Electronic Level Switch has the following electrical characteristics:
Voltage: 12V DC
Connection to the main circuit: Inline
Maximum Amperage: 20A.
How to connect the Lalizas Electronic Level Switch
Connect a switch for the activation of the automatic operation of the bilge pump inline to the positive pole of the
battery. You should also connect inline a fuse, according to the amperage of the bilge pump and up to 20A max (See
manufacturer’s instructions). The wires of the Electronic Level Switch which are connected to the poles of the battery
are RED (+) and BLACK (-). The other pair of wires, BLACK (-) and BLUE (+) are connected to the negative and
positive pole of the bilge pump respectively. Code......31010
It is necessary that you follow the polarity when making the connections, otherwise you run the
risk of producing a short circuit leading to damage your Electronic Level Switch. Please check the
polarity before activating your new Float Switch.

Fuse [A] 20
Voltage [V] 12
Continuous capacity [A] 20
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