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Hydraulic Servo Governor, type Europa 1800 2G

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The REGULATEURS EUROPA 1800 series governor is designed specifi cally for medium- and slow-speed diesel engines. This governor is a centrifugal flyweight design with a two-stage, high stiffness, backlash free, hydraulic servomechanism, providing the best possible control on engines that have a fuel pump control system with high stiction forces. A booster unit can be supplied for application where minimal starting air consumption is required.


Variable speed applications
Normal operating speed range - 200 to 1200 r/min.

Constant speed applications
Governor drive speed range at rated engine speed - 900 - 1200 r/min

Output shaft movement
40° (maximum) with 24° or greater to be used from no load to full load.

Oil supply
Self contained 0.94 imp gall (4.25 litres)

Oil cooler
An oil cooler can be supplied for applications where the ambient exceeds 40 degrees C.

(Basic governor - speed setting model) 114 lb (52 kg)

See more on attached product flyer DS RE 1800-2G hydraulic governor

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Weight [KG] 52
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