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Monster Swimmer 9.8" Roach, 240g

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Rovex Monster Swimmers are hard bodied plugs with extremely lifelike qualities to ensure better performance while hunting down the biggest predators. From the largest of Bass, Bream to Barramundi, no fish will able to resist a bite of these irresistible lures. Rovex Monster Swimmer Lures are ideal for swimbait fishing but will do a good job with other styles as well. Dependable and results-driven, Rovex Monster Swimmers are every angler’s dream lure.

Everyone knows that fishing with most hard bodied lures needs patience and a whole lot of commitment to the cause. Rovex Monster Swimmers offer unprecedented success by doing their job efficiently in less time. Anglers looking for the big one will not leave disappointed.

The attractive segmented body of Rovex Monster Swimmers offers mind-blowing swimming action on the retrieve. Anglers will love trolling these lures and it doesn’t matter if they do the slow roll, fast burn or twitch and pause, the strike rates will leave them awestruck.

Rovex Monster Swimmer Lures come in 250mm lengths and weigh a hefty 240g each. Four remarkable colour choices give anglers plenty of choice. Two super sharp trebles either side of the jointed body just adds to the superior takes under all circumstances.

Rovex Monster Swimmers are bound to become an addiction for big game anglers who are just going to fall in love with the big game-fish it hooks every time.

Lure Weight [g] 240
In the package [pcs] 1
Length [in/mm] 9.8 (250)
Color Roach
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