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Paella Cooking Set PRO-720 inox, Ø72cm

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A stainless steel high-rimmed pan that is great for stewing, cooking, frying, and steaming. Stainless steel enables to prepare the best stewed dishes, since steel pan can add color or flavor to the dish, when the seasoned layer becomes damaged. It is easy to clean and maintain. It heats up very quickly. And, equally important – a stainless steel pan always maintains its shiny appearance!

PRO-720i is a popular model among home users who entertain many guests and organize large grill parties. This model is also used by caterers. Strong construction, a powerful gas burner, and high-rimmed thick-bottomed pan form a well functioning whole. Triple Windshield provides the best possible protection from wind and the flame won’t go out even with a moderate wind.

PRO-720i enables to prepare different dishes from raw and pre-cooked ingredients. The pan fits 20-30 portions depending on the dish cooked. Pan’s flat bottom perfectly enables to keep the food warm. When frying, it is important to observe that the temperature wouldn’t go too high, and more oil must be added comparing to steel pan. The pan has a 5 cm rim, which allows the food to be stewed and steamed (under the lid), which is a great advantage comparing to low-rimmed pan. Use your fantasy and cook a desired dish on the pan.


  • Working on Propane or Butane gas
  • Stainless Steel pan and frame
  • 4 KW, 2 Ring Gas Burner
  • 3-1 kg/h Gas Consumption
  • 72 cm Pan Diameter
  • 3 mm Pan Thickness
  • 20-30 Portion Capacity
  • Total Weight 25 KG
  • Pan Weight 9 KG
  • Battery Ignition
  • Requires 1 x AA type battery (included)
  • Regulator not supplied

NB! Pan set does not include the lid.

Advantages of GrillSymbol Basic series product: 


  • Safety first – the product meets CE requirements
  • A high-rimmed pan enables to fry, cook, steam, and boil
  • Triple Windshield- triple protection from the wind.
  • Triple Windshield – heat is directed straight onto the pan, it doesn’t fade away
  • Triple Windshield – decreased gas consumption
  • Click and Cook- lighting the fire on battery supply – forget matches
  • Strong frame and feet – the product is stable
  • Stainless steel windshield and legs – don’t corrode and easy to maintain
  • Ready to use – the product is pre-collected and assembling takes just two minutes
  • The burner and the windshield can be used with different pans
  • Tested and developed in the Nordic countries, produced in Estonia
  • GrillSymbol – Family Business since 1925


Weight (kg) 23
Height (m) 0.85
Diameter [CM] 72
Material stainless steel
Compliance EN ISO 2009/142/EC
Bottom thickness [MM] 3
Certificate CE
Power [W] 11400
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