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Sun-Tops SIXTY, 4 arches, length 2.52m, alumiinium frame

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The SIXTY sun-top is packed with great features: the four-arch structure provides a very wide coverage area of over 7 square meters in its largest sized edition; it has half the weight of a stainless steel product and the same characteristics of strength and durability; the epoxy coating of the light alloy protects the structure, making it a salt resistant and maintenance-free product.
Sixty is supplied disassembled and conveniently packed in a box. A special Tessilmare patent makes reassembling easy.
It easily fits any type of boat, from Mega Yachts to Tender Boats.

Tessilmare produces high performances items by testing regularly its sun-tops inside the wind tunnel, in order to meet demanding market requirements.

This is the reason why Tessilmare offers LIFE-TIME WARRANTY.

The “made in Italy” is the company identity.

Tessilmare uses raw materials from the local markets, establishing long-life relations with Italian partners and it runs the entire productive system inside its premises.

Article manufactured on demand. No refund admitted.

Allowed max speed: 60 km/h (33 kn)

Height (m) 1.56
Width (m) 1.75 - 3.00
Diameter (MM) 25
Material anodised aluminium, Capotex
Options mildew & stain resistant, breathable fabric, weatherproof, chemical resistance , non-corrosive, excellent abrasion resistance, flame-tight , UV-resistant, excellent resistance to chemicals, waterproof, oil proove
Length [m] 2.52
Color white


Generic Classification: Polyester Fabric coated two sides.
Description: Polyester wrap 167/48 x 2 DTEX no.22,5  yarns/cm. Polyester Weft 600 DTEX no. 14 yarns/cm.
Flexibility: Excellent between -22 to +65 Centigrade. Less flexible below -22 degrees.
Traction Resistance: Resistant in both directions to a dinamometric traction of 6 gr./denier equal to 250 kg. on a strip of cm 5 x 180 cm.
Weight: 400 gr./square meter
Water Repellence: 100% Waterproof.
Corrosion Resistance: Highly resistant to acids, alkalies, strong solvents, acetone. Highly resistant to guano which, however, can easily  be removed with household detergents.
Toxicity: The PVC used is 100% non toxic.
Mildew Resistance: Normally, PVC materials are not subject to mildew, however mildew can be removed easily with household detergents.
Durability average life span: 5 to 10 years (depending on climate and proper care of fabric) 
Flame Resistance: The fabric exceeds British Standard ST no. 5852/90. See technical Laboratory Documentation.
U.V. resistance: Very high.
Oil Resistance: Excellent. See technical laboratory documentation.
Underside: Same as topside.
Topside: Plain weave. Excellent Breathability.
Sewability: Can be sewn with any industrial sewing machine. 
Heat Sealing: Can be heat sealed using tape and a heat source such as a radio frequency bar type welder. Dimensional Stability: This fabrics maintains it's original shapeand dimensions over time.
Transparency Level: 90% reduction in light intensity (UNI-2864).
Cleanliness: It can easily be kept clean with the use of household detergents.
Abrasion Resistance: Very high due to PVC low friction characteristics.

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