Vacuum sealer AIRCHEF 120

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Vacuum packer Arctixkitchen Airchef 120 is suitable for packaging meat, fish, vegetables and berries. You can also prepare quick preparations in advance and close the vacuum in separate portions, which are always ready for heating.Under the right preservation conditions, the closure of the food is multiplied by the shelf life of the food, helps to maintain the freshness and taste of food.The vacuum recruiter can also be used in several ways that are non -food. Keep hiking supplies (matches, first aid boxes, etc.) clean and dry, or fill the bag with 2/3 water, close the end (without vacuum), freeze the bag and use cooler and ice bags for sports injuries.

  • Power: 220-240V / 50Hz,120W
  • Dimensions: 357x2148x86.6mm
  • Weight: 1.12kg
  • Features: Vacuum & Seal; Seal Only
  • Vacuum speed: 8L/min
  • Pressure up to: -0.75Bar (-75Kpa) Max


Weight (kg) 1.12
Size (mm) 357 x 148 x 86.6
Voltage [V] 220, 230, 240
Flow Rate [l/min] 9
Power [W] 120
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