Notices to Mariners



To help the boatman, the guide (in Estonian) contains the most general basics that every boat driver should know to ensure the safety of themselves and their passengers. In particular, there are beginner recreational boat drivers who have not yet completed the recreational boat driver's courses, but the already experienced boat boat driver can also find the necessary reminders here.





Maritime Administration's web application Nutimeri

Nutimeri displays the official electronic navigation charts of the Maritime Administration on the background of the main map or orthophoto of the Land Board.






The FaceBook group of the Väikelaevade maailm (world of small boats) brings together more than 2,400 people who are involved in small boats.

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The brochure (in Estonian) contains information on the categories of the recreational craft, the equipment required and instructions for registration.





Meretuul is an application to view the data of the winds that are actually blowing on the Estonian coast and sea at the moment.

- Ability to save the home screen so that when you start the application always shows the same area.
- Ability to share your current coordinates on social media, message, e-mail, etc. application.
- Weather data comes from the website of the Weather Service, the Maritime Monitoring Institute, and the Port of Sillamäe
- Forecasts come from
 team has experience in leading more than 100 recreational boat driver courses to pass the exam - they know what is difficult for a beginner and they help to create memorable connections between all these light-flag-sign-concepts.



Steering Cable Measurement

When replacing your existing cable, you can usually find a part number and/or length stamped on the outer jacket. If it is not legible, it will be necessary to make careful exami-nation of your system to determine what type of cable you need and then to actually measure the length required for proper cable replace-ment of selection and installation.
Follow the above quick method for measuring all steering cables to determine the correct length you will need.Simply measure the length of the “B” requirement as indicated below. Then add 30 inches. Divided the total by 12. Your answer will probably be xx.x. Whatever the number before the decimal is the whole foot conversion. Take the number and round up to the next whole foot measurement. This work for either rack (shown above) or rotary steering cable.